Our Purpose

Investinkin - Alternative Investments Club was created as a tool to make it easier for individuals to find opportunities to invest in and to make it easier for those to raise capital to scale their projects. Therefore, increasing the opportunities of financial wealth for all people.


Our vision is to create a tool that provides generational wealth to all people regardless of their socioeconomic status.

We look into the best interest of the next generation beginning by making visible investment opportunities  

We will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to connect to strengthen the economic and social possibilities throughout various communities.

The 5 Pillars of the Investment Club

Our vision is that every member feels and is respected when communicating ideas virtually and in-person at all times. This encourages participation and intellectual growth. 


Courage and confidence is a necessity to believe that you are investing in a great deal in any industry. Personal due diligence is a must. 


We encourage an environment where everyone feels that they are supported whether through investment opportunities, feedback or potential partnerships amongst members through open dialogue and networking.


Transparency and honesty is vital for a strong community. The foundation of the club is built upon that. Our success requires it


Our community requires and deserves the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors to be inspired as well as motivated. Invest to fund our future economy.

Wealth for Generations

InvestinKin - Alternative Investments Club promotes generational wealth by expanding individuals reach to investment opportunities not normally accessible. 

We are cultivating an ecosystem where the 99% can invest not only in stocks and bonds but also companies, projects and real estate deals.

Invest in the next apartment complex, film, Amazon, Starbucks, etc.

Connect with Investors and Entrepreneurs

We offer opportunities where entrepreneurs and investors can connect virtually and physically.

Our club serves as a hub to increase intellectual and economic growth.

Get your next funding opportunity, get feedback about your next business moves and gain potential partners in and outside of our events.

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