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Meet the team. Learn what InvestinKin is truly about.

New York Office


Our Impact

We know investing in businesses, startups, real estate or projects  is not available to all, whether that be the capital or the know-how. Our aim is to change that. We want to bring this form of investing, that currently is only accessible to a small portion of the nation to everyone. This doesn't mean we are excluding the ones that are already doing this, we just want everyone to have the same opportunity. With this our hope is that it will lead to more people being able to create generational wealth regardless of their socioeconomic status.


Our club has 5 pillars that we consider the core values of the company:


Our vision is that every member feels and is respected when communicating ideas virtually and in-person at all times. This encourages participation and intellectual growth.


Courage and confidence is a necessity to believe that you are investing in a great deal in any industry. Personal due diligence is a must. 


We encourage an environment where everyone feels that they are supported whether through investment opportunities, feedback or potential partnerships amongst members through open dialogue and networking.


Transparency and honesty is vital for a strong community. The foundation of the club is built upon that. Our success requires it


Our community requires and deserves the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors to be inspired as well as motivated. Invest to fund our future economy.

Meet The Founders
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Asees Islam

Asees Islam brings a wealth of knowledge as an experienced Pension Consultant.
Currently, he works for Madison Pension Services Inc., a third-party retirement plan
consulting firm. For the past 5 years, he has worked closely with clients to help them
navigate and comply with the myriad of rules and deadlines that govern retirement
plans. He also helps design and re-design plans to ensure they continue to meet the
dynamic needs of his clients. While technical expertise is important in this field, he
values and puts a great deal of effort in the level of service and care he provides to his
In addition to being a consultant, Asees is also a Finance and Compliance Associate for
The TMC Advantage. His work involves internal and external support operations and
ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and requirements set forth by
funders and partners. He is primarily responsible for the accounts payable process,
contract preparation, management of financial documentation and the preparation of
financial reports for funders.

Maxine Attobrah

Maxine Attobrah is an engineer/designer and cofounder of InvestinKin.


She has worked for Lockheed Martin as an electronic flight controls computer engineer where she worked on helicopters like the Blackhawk and Raider X and worked for Johnson & Johnson as a computer security engineer. 


Maxine has worked on businesses and projects in various industries for others or that she co founded in web development, app development and design. She won 3rd place in the 2010 Westchester County National Foundation of Teaching Entrepreneurship competition for her business Sip N’ Munch which was an edible granola cup purposed to be a healthy alternative to the ice cream cone.


She is the economic prosperity co-chair for the non-profit Sister to Sister International Inc.


Maxine has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. She is pursuing a dual degree Masters in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management at Carnegie Mellon University.

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