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Investinkin is a tight-knit alternative investments club started in Westchester County, NY for people serious about investing and getting investment. 

We are the distribution channel providing venture capitalist, angel investors and wealthy individuals/groups quality investment deals that better match their investment criteria.

Many people are looking for investors but not everyone is ready for investment. Our  focus is to provide investors with deals that are vetted across all industries.

Investors can elect to invest individually or as a group on opportunities being presented.

We place emphasis on the quality of the deals as opposed to the quantity.


We handle the initial weed out process for you. 

Less than 10% of applicants get selected to pitch at our events.

Find deals

Search through recorded presentations based on the industry you are interested in.

Find your next deal or pitch your next deal with us.

analyze deals

Get access to pitch decks and presentations to analyze deals to invest in individually or as a group



Entrepreneurship is a relationships business. 


Find your next investor, partner, lender, agent or friend at our events

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How it Works

  • See something that you want to make an investment in? Send us a message and we will connect you.

Please Note: InvestinKin does not take money to invest on your behalf. .Once connected, please do any further due diligence needed before making any investment.

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Great for people who live more than 100 miles from the physical event location. Save time and money from travel cost


  1. Live stream access to live events

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Benefits of intrestors plus access to selected pitch presentations and pitch decks each month to watch and analyze anytime, anywhere


  1. Live stream access to live events

  2. Access to 2 non-proprietary pitch decks per month 

3. Access to 2 recorded pitch presentations each month 

4. Access to online community

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Same benefits of co-pilots with additional access to all non-proprietary pitch presentations and pitch decks from previous and upcoming events to watch and analyze anytime, anywhere


  1. Access to ALL recorded pitch presentations to listen to anytime​

  2. Live stream access to live events

  3. ​Access to ALL database of non-proprietary pitch decks

  4. Access to online community

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Customize your membership experience


  1. Same benefits as Co-Pilot

  2. Customize membership plan

  3. Optional special thanks at our live events and online properties website/meetup

  4. Access to online community

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All industries are able to pitch including: 

Real Estate
Virtual Reality
Health Tech
Health and Wellness

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6pm - Wednesday

May 12th


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